You can get fit without the overly complicated or dangerous routines of Crossfit, give the simple, better than crossfit, FUEL method a try today. Build up your strength and conditioning without burning yourself out and create your best optimal health and performance with our alternative to Crossfit in Hickory, NC. Don’t chase the newest fad diets and fitness crazes, go with something that will work for you for the long haul.alternative to crossfit

FUEL to be Fit Alternative to CrossFit

Don’t chase fitness trends, try a simple and proven method of reaching your goals with FUEL. FUEL is a community of people supporting and pushing each other to become an everyday athlete while reaching their optimal fitness.  With our alternative to crossfit, you will cycle through the four-part Fuel method to hit a full-body workout that balances strength and conditioning for peak performance and lasting results. We are sure our better than crossfit workouts here in Hickory, NC, 28601 will be something you truly enjoy!

Fitness Gyms in the Heart of Hickory , NC 28601

With the convenience of a studio in the heart of the city, it is easy to get to the FUEL gym, which serves the whole Hickory area. Use the easy FUEL app to sign up for classes and get up to the minute information. Find the gym at 1363 North Center Street, Hickory North Carolina 28601. From the Hickory Regional Airport:

FUEL Hickory also offers other services!

Jump Into FUEL today

We don’t focus on seasonal or occasional fitness, start your 14-day trial and make a change in your life. Join today and start reaping the benefits of FUEL with our great alternatives to crossfit for men and women.