It’s hard to reach a workout goal when what you want to achieve is vague. What does it mean to “get into shape,” and how does someone “get stronger?”  At FUEL Hickory we have programs that will end the endless going to the gym and hitting random machines. 

Fitness Programs in Hickory NC

Fitness Programs That Work

Any amount of working out is better than nothing, but when you have goals it is best to work in ways that will specifically target and give real measurable results. Our classes work by using workouts that have been based on over 30 years of training experience. The FUEL program is broken into 4 specific categories. 

  • Fast- this high energy class breaks through a slowed metabolism aid in weight loss
  • Upper- this strength-building class focuses on the upper body to build structural balance and conditioning.
  • Endure- this heart-pumping class builds endurance through strength and grit. 
  • Lower-everything below the belt is hit in the class that builds strength, structural balance and mobility, and conditions.

FUEL When You Need It

With the FUEL app, it is easy to interact with the coaches and the community and to build and schedule classes around your busy life. With classes seven days a week, it is easy to fit a work out into any schedule. Our conveniently located gym is in the heart of hickory just 13 minutes away from the Valley Hills Mall at 1361 North Center St, Hickory NC 28601. Simply take Highway 70 SE to 2nd ST PL NE, continue straight to 14th Ave NE, and turn left onto N Center St.

FUEL Hickory offers many other services as well!

Your Time to FUEL in Hickory, NC 28601

Don’t waste your time going to the gym without purpose or a plan. Join the FUEL community today and start your fitness journey with a program that works today. Are you ready to FUEL?