It can be challenging to find the motivation to go to the gym every day. It is even harder to keep the momentum up once you get there. Some people turn to prework outs and other supplements. Wouldnt it be better to FUEL your workouts naturally with the endorphins group workouts can give?
Group Workout Programs That Push group workout programs
When you have your goals in mind, it can be challenging to figure out how you can get there. With the FUEL complete workout system, you promote overall wellness. The FUEL trainers work with experienced as well as everyday athletes to help them achieve their fitness goals while developing healthy eating rhythms and enhancing wellbeing.
FUEL is a system based on strategic intensity. Based on over 30 years of hands-on experience, FUEL has 4 essential parts. The Upper and Lower classes focus on building strength and mobility on those parts of the body. The Fast course is just what it sounds like. I quick based class designed to bust through any slow metabolism. Finally, the Endure class, this class takes grit and is a heart-pumping workout that keeps you moving.

FUEL in the Palm of your Hand

With our innovative FUEL app, it’s easy to find classes that fit your needs and busy schedule. We offer classes 7 days a week, so it is easy to fit in the right workout. Our coaches can help guide you for a fitness program that will help you meet your goals. In the app, you can connect with a FUEL coach and interact with the FUEL community.

FUEL where You Need it.

The FUEL studio is located in the heart of Hickory, North Carolina, and serves all of the surrounding areas. Our state of the art facility is a group training gym specializing in complete fitness. We are conveniently located close to all major highways in Hickory at 1361 N Center St, Hickory North Carolina 28601.

Give your body the FUEL it deserves
When you are ready to join the FUEL movement, download our free PDF to learn about the FUEL philosophy. Try FUEL today with our 14-day trial.