Going to the gym takes discipline and dedication everyday. It can be hard to find the motivation to show up and to make an effective and varied routine. Our Fuel workout classes are just the thing to get you pumped to head to the gym. 

Workout Class in Hickory, NC

Workout Classes That FUEL Change

Our workout classes help everyday athletes and people trying to get in shape, get optimally fit with intense and effective routines. The FUEL method is based on over 30 years of experience and is an engaging environment that will help anyone reach their fitness goals. Our supportive community and empowering coaches will help motivate and challenge you to push harder and dig deeper every step of the way. 

The FUEL method is based on strategic intensity. Every workout is uniquely designed to help build you up without breaking you down. With four basic parts, Fast, Upper, Endurance, Lower, you will be able to boost your metabolism while increasing your strength, endurance, and conditioning. 

Maximize Your Workout With FUEL

With the convenient FUEL app, it’s easy to find a class that fits into your schedule. There are FUEL workout classes available seven days a week to making FUELing a change simpler than ever. With the app, you can also view any ongoing promotions and access to the FUEL community.   

Hickory’s NC 28601 Place to FUEL

Our state of the art facility is a group training gym, based in downtown Hickory. We are conveniently located less than two miles from Union Square. From Union Square, turn right onto 4th Ave SW, turn right onto 13 Ave NW then turn left onto N Center St. Our facility is at 1361 N Center St 28601.

FUEL Hickory is proud to offer a variety of other services.

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The best way to start FUEL is to try the 14-day trial. You will be able to experience up to 8 classes over 14 days and see why FUEL is right for you.